It's all A-frame of Mind....

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In the bottom corner of my 2019 poster board is a magazine cutout of a window faced A-frame, in what looks to be the Californian back country. A patio set on a large deck surrounded by trees paints’ the image of pure relaxation. And close by, the words glued to the board say “Yoga + Wellness Retreats”.

I have always been fond of A-frames. In my eyes they represent a vacation, or a sort of getaway! A-frames have always ‘peaked’ my curiosity (pun intended) and the design possibilities for them are endless.

My parents did a lot of renovations when I was younger, and my current partner is a real estate investor, so we do not shy away from taking on a fixer upper. We welcome the challenge and when we find something that just feels right, it’s a no brainer!

Over the years, we have visited our friends every summer at the Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri. We love to go out there and have often dreamt of having a place of our own nearby. Last summer, we had planned a trip to the lake, so out of usual routine I searched for properties for sale nearby. Voila, a beautiful little 1980’s A-frame that had been on the market for 100+ days and that happened to be just a few roads down from our friends’ place! The house had three other people looking at it that weekend, which seemed unusual since it had been sitting for so long (how does that happen?!), to make a long story short, our offer was denied.

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