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10% of every sale will be donated to mindfulness programs for youth in Kansas City.

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The Breathe Bag

We knew we wanted to produce a bag that not only provided the consumer with an outstanding product but also made an impact on people's lives. We achieved this by working with a company which provides financing to farmers in southern India, allowing them to purchase seeds, machinery and livestock. These farmers are paid above-market prices for their organic cotton, a practice that is intended to encourage and empower them within their communities. The goods are then hand-sewn and ethically produced by female artisans in rural India, allowing women to gain sustainable and long-term employment through the development of textile skills. With the recycle, re-use, and re-invent philosophy in mind, a state-of-the-art facility was built in the city of Mysore, in southwest India. Here, artisans now have their own special place to comfortably create their wares.


"This bag is awesome. It is very well made and can be used to carry just about anything. I particularly like the BREATHE message as a reminder to do just that."



Our Products
Breathe KC

BreatheKC is a mindfulness brand, providing products, training, and resources focused on promoting balance and health. Our organic and sustainably sourced products will serve as a daily reminder to stop and take a conscious breath. We aim to support mindfulness culture in the community by offering resources and funds for local events.

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