Harnessing your power using Crystals

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Crystals can be a powerful addition to any mindful practice. But just like everything, it's all about your intention!

A couple tips if you are just getting started:

1) Pick a crystal you are attracted to

2) Do a quick search on the benefits

3) Be open and use your imagination

Now that you have your new 'tool', you will be able utilize this energy in your practice or even around the house.

In practice:

1) When adding a crystal to your meditation or mindful practice, you want to have an intention behind the action. If you are placing it in your hand, take a few moments to notice the feeling, texture, beauty and meaning that this stone embodies. Give yourself a reason WHY you are reaching for that stone today.

2) Believe it. If you don't believe that this new stone will add anything to your practice, then it won't! The mind is a powerful thing. Like I said earlier, use your imagination! Envision the stone and what it's benefits bring, and center your intention around that for the day. It may even be a very subtle desire to hold the stone, but you will start to associate that with a deeper meaning as your practice evolves.

3) With stone in hand, begin to bring your breath and awareness to it. FEEL the love, grounding, safety, or whatever aspects your stone represents. This takes time. Trust that your stone will deliver exactly the right thing for you in that moment.

4) If you feel called to expand your crystal squad, do it! Play around. Notice the difference in feeling between each one. Also be ready to let some of them go when/if the time comes. Don't attach, just know that you can come back to them when you need to.

In the home:

Like Feng Shui in a home, crystals can also be set up around the space for specific purposes! If you are wanting some protection or to feel safer, try a Black Tourmaline by your front door. A Selenite Crystal in the living room will help to keep your house clear of dense energy and clarify the space. Rose quartz is always welcome in the bedroom as it is a powerful stone of love. Try moving these around your home and notice where they feel good for the time being!

Check out the 'Rituals' highlight on @breathekc for more details on specific stones and their qualities.