Mindful Interview Series: w/ Elektra!

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1) I use my breath to….

Cadence myself.

2) A mindfulness practice I do on the daily is….

Lately I’ve been mindful on drinking plenty of cool water. I bless it as it goes down.

3) Where are you at this season in life/work/creation?

What season is it again? I would say I’m in the season of receiving Joy. Joy in my life with family. I enjoy working for sure now-lol...and I’ve worked really hard at creating the life I want. Now it’s time to receive the fruits of my labor. This is joy.

4) Something that makes me smile…

When my kids say something witty or profound...I’m like “I made that?” Always impressed with my kiddos!

5) Something/somewhere that inspires me….

I would say I’m inspired by the night. How deep the stars go. I’ll never forget seeing the stars in the Arizona Desert as a kid.

6) Something I always have with me…

My smart ass commentator in my head. Sometimes I’m just so damn funny to myself!

7) Go to spot in Kansas City

Antons! As KC as you can get.

8) I want to know more about…

Agni Sara...I was recently introduced and the practice has done wonders for my physical and emotional health. I consider myself a post lineage practitioner.

9) What’s your expertise and where can people find you?

I am currently at the end of training for my 500 RYT. I would like to say I’m an expert at bringing awareness to all sides of our selves. And adding love into our dark. You can find me at www.yogawithelektra.com