Mindful Interview Series: w/ Megean (zerowastenerd)

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by Breathe KC

1) I use my breath to….

Inspire change.

2) A mindfulness practice I do on the daily is….

Clean. I know, it sounds crazy but there's something about cleaning my home that centers me.

3) Where are you at this season in life/work/creation?

You know, my whole life I was determined to control every aspect. I have found that by letting go and just doing the best I can and being the best self I can each day has allowed me to grow more than I could have controlled. I would say the phase I'm in is more of a metamorphosis. Good things are ahead.

4) Something that makes me smile…

There are so many things that make me smile these days. My son of course, who says and does the most bizarre and unexpected things. I find myself saying, "Yep, that's my kid." a hundred times a day. Food makes me smile - I'm human - and I love a good donut. It could even be a bad donut, I don't discriminate. My mother recently created a TikTok account and let me just say, that would make anyone smile.

5) Something/somewhere that inspires me….

I've searched for this answer for quite a while. But honestly, people inspire me. Every problem has a solution. I find the times when I'm most creative is after I've engaged with followers for friends/family on what their roadblocks are. It's fun and challenging to help others find simple solutions to being more sustainable.

6) Something I always have with me…

My planner - it organizes the chaos!

7) Go to spot in Kansas City

City Market, hands down! I LOVE going to the farmer's market on the weekends. The sights, smells, tastes, and stocking up on local, fresh goodness - the best!

8) I want to know more about…

Lately, I've been really into learning more about urban gardening. I'm ready to turn my patio into an oasis.

9) What’s your expertise and where can people find you?

I'm a zero waste and sustainable living guru. You can find me at www.zerowastenerd.com.